At the Mediterranean restaurant we serve comfort food. Our "home cooked" meals are simple, flavorful and unpretentious.

We use fresh ingredients and take pride in creating our sauces, gravies, dressings and soups in the old tradition...from scratch!

Our menu features Greek foods, such as lemon chicken, mousaka, chicken and pork souvlaki, saganaki and a variety of greek appetizers. We also serve Italian, such as our homemade chicken cacciatore, chicken parmesan and pastas.

For our patrons looking for Simply for Life approved meals, we've created a special selection of dishes that are approved by Simply for Life. Enjoy without reservation: chicken cacciatore, broiled haddock, chicken stir-fry, NY strip loin and more.

​Our menu is clearly labelled with our gluten-free dishes. If you have any questions, or need help selecting a dish, our servers are always happy to advise!

Our most popular dish? The sirloin tips!

Mediterranean Restaurant Menu